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The Prenatal Yoga Center has much to offer beyond yoga classes! New offerings throughout the month – see below for upcoming events. Please note, where preregistration is required, events and workshops fill quickly.


*All of our workshops take place at 251 W. 72nd St, #2F, btw Broadway & West End.

Don’t hesitate to register! Please also see our cancellation policy ( Link ).

*Please note, we are located on a 2nd floor walk up.

We are happy to help you up the stairs with your stroller where there is “stroller parking” available.

March Raffle & Giveaway! All students who purchase a class package will be entered into our raffle and eligible to win a Fit 2 car seat from Chicco, and a Starter Bundle from Bambino Mio, and a Unisex Courage Satchel from Twelvelittle, and will receive snack cups from Ubbi!

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07 Mar Why Choose a Midwife?

Prenatal Yoga - A Natural Path toward Working with a Midwife, by Risa Klein, CNM, M.S. Making a decision as to whom will take care of you and your gestating baby is a monumental decision. To make the best-informed decision, you need to understand some differences between...

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02 Mar No Need to Be So Handsy

Ask any pregnant or laboring woman if they appreciated getting routine vaginal exams to check progress. During pregnancy, unless the mother is experiencing preterm labor, checking dilation will not change the manner in which the care provider manages the woman’s labor.  During labor, routine vaginal...

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08 Feb The Benefits of a Postpartum Doula

By Gwen Horwitz   Before I even became pregnant with my daughter, I knew I wanted to hire a birth doula.  Having taken the Prenatal Yoga Center's teacher training, and then a doula training, I was keenly aware of the positive effects a doula can have on...

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04 Jan 6 Is the New 4

A benchmark given in most childbirth education classes is that active labor starts once the mother has reached 4cm dilation.  To go along with that milestone, many care providers advocate that the mother waits until active labor before being admitted to the hospital and receiving...

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12 Dec Is the Natural Birth Community Doing a Disservice to Expectant Mothers?

A student approached me last week very upset and rather angry.  She said she felt betrayed and let down by what she called the “Natural Birth Movement”.  She went on to tell me about her vast preparation for labor: she read all the books, went...

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17 Nov Does Birth Happen In the Brain?

“You birth between your ears, not your legs”, a statement made by internationally recognized expert on water birth and gentle birth, Barbara Harper, rang in my head long after our podcast interview was over.  For years, I subscribed to midwife, Ina May Gaskin’s theory “Let...

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14 Sep Why Take Childbirth Education OUTSIDE the Hospital

Since I first opened the doors for Prenatal Yoga Center, childbirth education classes has been a staple of our foundation and offerings.  For years, thousands of couples have attended these classes in preparation for their upcoming birth.  From time to time, there will be an...

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16 Aug Prenatal Yoga: A Passage Way to Empowerment

Originally published on Endangered Bodies While the inspiration to first step onto the yoga mat may come from the popularity of prenatal yoga or a suggestion from the care provider, the experience of yoga, for many women is often far deeper than simply a good stretch...

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04 Aug My Water Broke, Now What…and Other Things To Think About!

Not long ago, a student returned to postnatal yoga after having giving birth to her first child.  I love seeing the mothers returning with their yummy new babies and hearing about the birth experience.  This one mother, upon telling me her birth story, laughed slightly...

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