Workshops & Events

Workshops & Events

The Prenatal Yoga Center has much to offer beyond yoga classes! In addition to recurring monthly workshops, we offer a variety special events and classes. Please note where preregistration is required.

Workshops fill quickly, so register now!

All of our workshops take place at 251 W 72nd St #2F, between Broadway & West End.

Please also see our cancellation policy.

*Please note, we are located on a 2nd floor walk up.

We are happy to help you up the stairs with your stroller where there is “stroller parking” available.

July Raffle & Giveaway! All students who purchase or renew a class package this month will be receive a Frida Baby ‘Nose Frida’, and be entered into our raffle for a chance to win a Nuna LEAF Baby Seat or a Photo Shoot with Stylish & Hip Kids Photography!

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10 Jul Breastfeeding and Epidurals

Ask a room of expectant women if they intend to breastfeed and almost 100 percent of them will say yes. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends breastfeeding for at least 12 months and the World Health Organization encourages mothers to continue to breastfeed for two...

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01 Jun 4 Common Birth Interventions You Can Avoid. And how to avoid them in the most natural way possible.

Originally posted on Well Rounded NY As you’re getting ready to give birth, you may find that certain hospital standard practices and medical interventions clash with the birthing experience you want. Many of these medical interventions, research shows, are done more for convenience than for medical reasons....

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10 May Dear Mother Who Is Trying To Do It All,

Dear Mother Who Is Trying to Do It All, You are an amazing mother and person. You are not June Cleaver, effortlessly gliding across your perfectly waxed kitchen floor, freshly baked cookies in hand, sporting high heels, pearls, and an impeccably ironed apron. Nor are you...

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09 May Beyond Mom Interviews Deb Flashenberg

Originally posted on Beyond Mom Beyond Mom Interviews Deb Flashenberg Founder of Prenatal Yoga Center SHARE: Deb Flashenberg is the founder and director of the Prenatal Yoga Center, the first yoga center in NYC to focus solely on Moms and Moms to be. When Deb graduated with a degree in Musical Theater...

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27 Apr Rhythm In Labor; Pain Versus Suffering

Rhythm. Take a moment to close your eyes and connect with your breath. After you push through your thoughts and surrender to the task of observing your breath, you may start to notice a natural rhythm occurring: the rise of your inhale, the peak of...

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14 Apr Tips For Making the Great Transition to Motherhood a Little Easier

Seen in the March 2017 Mantra Magazine How familiar is the image of the sportswear clad, smiling mother, coffee in hand, happily pushing the SUV of strollers down the perfectly manicured street?  This depiction of motherhood is all too prominent in our society.  Mothers are often...

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07 Mar Why Choose a Midwife?

Prenatal Yoga - A Natural Path toward Working with a Midwife, by Risa Klein, CNM, M.S. Making a decision as to whom will take care of you and your gestating baby is a monumental decision. To make the best-informed decision, you need to understand some differences between...

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02 Mar No Need to Be So Handsy

Ask any pregnant or laboring woman if they appreciated getting routine vaginal exams to check progress. During pregnancy, unless the mother is experiencing preterm labor, checking dilation will not change the manner in which the care provider manages the woman’s labor.  During labor, routine vaginal...

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08 Feb The Benefits of a Postpartum Doula

By Gwen Horwitz   Before I even became pregnant with my daughter, I knew I wanted to hire a birth doula.  Having taken the Prenatal Yoga Center's teacher training, and then a doula training, I was keenly aware of the positive effects a doula can have on...

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