Workshops & Events

Workshops & Events

The Prenatal Yoga Center has much to offer beyond yoga classes! In addition to recurring monthly workshops, we offer a variety special events and classes. Please note where preregistration is required.

Workshops fill quickly, so register now!

All of our workshops take place at 251 W 72nd St #2F, between Broadway & West End.

Please also see our cancellation policy.

*Please note, we are located on a 2nd floor walk up.

We are happy to help you up the stairs with your stroller where there is a limited amount of “stroller parking” available.

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30 Jan February Mom of the Month: Meet Michelle Tsang!

Community and support are a vital part of Prenatal Yoga Center.  To help encourage relationships and get to know one another a little better, we like to introduce a new mom and her baby each month.  This month, please meet Michelle Tsang and her 5...

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02 Jan Informed Consent; Changing the Way Women Are Treated In Birth

We are at an interesting point in time regarding how women are being viewed and treated. A dark and heavy curtain is being drawn back, and many violent, belittling, and humiliating acts of sexual assault and harassment are coming to light. Both the political arena...

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03 Dec Mom of Month: Meet Bridget Tichar!

What has surprised you most about motherhood thus far? I’m most surprised with how many other moms are now my friends! The commonality of going through pregnancy, labor, birth, and raising a child is such a unifying experience that I instantly have a connection with...

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20 Nov Could Exercise During Pregnancy Make Labor Harder? Why a fit pregnancy doesn’t always make for the best birth plan.

First published in Well Rounded NY When I was pregnant with my first baby, I worked out until I gave birth and looked like I had just stepped out of a pregnancy magazine. I only gained weight in my belly and my boobs, and I generally...

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02 Nov Life After Loss, A Story of Miscarriage and Moving Forward

By guest blogger, Michelle W. Canarick, Ph. D. The day before my mother’s birthday I was 12-weeks pregnant and my husband and I sat in the waiting room of the sonogram area of the hospital. I don’t know what we were doing...

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31 Oct Mom of Month: Meet Jamie Hurwitz!

What has surprised you most about motherhood thus far? There is no “normal.” I can’t get over how different every baby is. As a brand new mom, I love having the PYC community to connect with other moms, and naturally, the conversation turns to our...

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01 Oct Mom of the Month: Meet Corinne Low!

If you’ve met Corinne Low, you’d remember her. She’s got infectious energy, a wealth of sound advice, and an admirable dedication to breastfeeding, i.e. pumping while practicing yoga. She also has “a really interesting motherhood story because although Kai is my first baby, I’ve been...

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12 Sep Lack of Postpartum Support is Hurting New Mothers

Every Wednesday between 12 and 12:15 pm I check in with the mothers who have come to take postnatal yoga. While many different women have cycled through in the past 15 years, many of the issues, concerns, and complaints remain the same. Feeling overwhelmed, completely...

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01 Sep Mom of the Month: Meet Jenny Wood!

If you come to class regularly then you know that we talk a lot about accepting and embracing the unexpected when it comes to giving birth. Good thing Jenny Wood came to class a lot! Her daughter, Noa Violet, entered the world in dramatic fashion...

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