Welcome to PYC

Welcome to the Prenatal Yoga Center!

Welcome to our thriving community and the beginning of your journey into parenthood. As a resource center, we provide information and education for new parents as their family expands, offering various workshops and lectures that addresses common issues related to pregnancy, early childhood parenting, family dynamics and alternative healing. We look to create a quiet sacred space and community where you and your family can step out of the busy New York lifestyle to find warmth and comfort.

Your First Class

New students are welcome to take any class on our schedule as they are open to any level and trimester. Please register for your class at least 10 minutes prior to the start of class.

New to the Prenatal Yoga Center?

Complete your new student paperwork before you come to class! Click on the button below to fill out the waiver online, Your account will then be active in our system and you can enroll in class.

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

At Prenatal Yoga Center, we have developed each class using our unique three-pronged approach to prenatal yoga.

Physical comfort

The use of asana in class is multifunctional in preparing the student’s mind and body for birth. On a physical level, we use asana to alleviate common pregnancy aches and pains as well as we look at how each pose can create balance in the pelvis, pelvic floor and pelvic ligaments. When the body is well aligned, the baby may be better positioned leading to a more functional, speedy birth.

From a mental and emotional standpoint, asana practice is an amazing tool to lean into safe discomfort and find coping skills. Labor, birth and parenthood has emotional and physical challenges. We build essential lifelong coping skills to deal with these struggles.


We start each class with “circle time,” where students introduce themselves, say how far along they are, and discuss any aches and pains they would like to address in class. Pregnancy and postpartum periods carry enormous physical and emotional changes; this bonding time creates a springboard for long lasting friendships among students.

Childbirth Education

Now more than ever women are being robbed of their choices about their bodies. In prenatal yoga class, lies a unique opportunity to empower pregnant people to make their own choices in childbirth.

“We need to empower women to take an active role in their birth so they can emerge feeling heard, seen, understood and supported.” ~Deb Flashenberg, Founder and Director of Prenatal Yoga Center

We seamlessly interweave childbirth education themes and current birthing trends into our classes. Our intention is that the new parents will feel more confident and prepared to make conscious, empowered choices during their pregnancy, labor, delivery and transition into parenthood.

Developing a Regular Practice

Through a regular weekly practice, prenatal yoga can help reduce stress, ease the common aches and pains of pregnancy and develop useful pain management and breathing techniques for all scopes of labor and birth.


To help you find your path into a regular practice, we have developed several options for class packages and series.


Are you a student? Email info@prenatalyogacenter.com a copy of your student id or proof of enrollment for 15% off the class package of your choice.

8 Class Package

Valid for 10 weeks

SAVE $20 with the promo code YOGA20


One-Month Unlimited

valid for 31 days


Valid for 31 consecutive days. You may suspend your pass for your postnatal period – we’ll restart it when you are ready to return. Two week extension does not apply to the monthly unlimited. If you come twice a week, that is just $22 a class!

Virtual Drop-in Class


PYC Pass Monthly
Auto-Renew Membership


With 2-month minimum contract.

Who is the Prenatal Yoga Class for?

Our prenatal yoga classes are intended to serve as a resource and support to the prenatal and postnatal student. We respect and understand that sometimes partners, parents, support people and friends may want to accompany the pregnant person in class. Out of consideration to other class participants, we limit attendance only to pregnant people.


For partners and other support people  wishing to better support the pregnant person, we recommend attending our Partner Yoga and Massage Workshop, Childbirth Education class, Caring for Newborn and How to Breastfeed Workshop.

What workshops are offered?

We offer a variety of workshops including Childbirth Education, How to Breastfeed, Caring for Your Newborn, Infant Massage, and more! Please note that workshops do require pre-registration.

Quick Notes for our First Time Students

  1. Wear comfortable clothing (i.e. shorts, t-shirts, yoga pants/sweatpants, footless tights)
  2. Do not come on an empty belly! Prenatal students should eat a light snack approximately 1-hour before class.
  3. Mats and props are provided, no rental fee. If you would like to use your own personal mat, feel free to bring it along.
  4. For caregivers and babies: Please note we are up a one floor walk up, and there is no elevator available. We are happy to assist you up the stairs with your stroller! You may be required to fold your stroller.
  5. Please refrain from wearing strong perfumes as many of our community are dealing with scent sensitivity.
  6. Heavy jewelry is not recommended.

If you have questions or would like recommendations on classes or workshops to attend, please email your questions to info@prenatalyogacenter.com

We hope to see you soon!