Childbirth Education

Childbirth Education

Two-Day Intensive with Terry Richmond*

Saturdays, 1-5 pm & Sundays,  11 am – 3 pm  | $395 per couple 

Upcoming dates: December 5 & 6 

Please note all workshops are being offered online at this time.

By taking a childbirth education class, expectant parents explore the unknown landscape of labor, birth, and early postpartum.


In this class, students delve into:

  • The signs of labor
  • Emotional signposts of labor
  • Labor support
  • Pain management techniques and coping skills
  • Breathing and relaxation
  • Labor and birthing positions
  • Interventions and complications and so much more. 


As an expectant parent, you will emerge feeling equipped to handle the uncertainty of birth and be a part of the decision-making process. This can lead to a more satisfying birth experience, even if the birth unfolds differently than anticipated.


Our classes are led by an independent childbirth educator who is not required to adhere to a specific hospital approved curriculum. This offers more opportunity to learn about the bigger scope of birth, how to work around obstacles, self-advocate for your wishes, and knowing your rights as a patient. 

Please note, breastfeeding and newborn care are not heavily discussed and this class should not take the place of an independent breastfeeding and newborn care class.


*Terry is an active doula, if she is called to a birth a substitute teacher she has chosen will teach in her place.


If our dates don’t work for you, we also offer a private childbirth education class in the comfort of your own home. Classes are typically 4-5 hours long. For more information, contact us at the studio: 212-362-2985 or  And don’t forget we have a Childbirth Education Refresher course for experienced parents! 

December 5 & 6

$395 per couple

Hear from some happy parents-to-be

My husband and I took this class and absolutely loved it! After the course, we feel that we are ready to face any labor, birth, and even postpartum difficulties we might experience.



Terry was enthusiastic, knowledgeable, could answer every one of my questions (and I had a lot!) and just a phenomenal teacher all around!



About the Instructor:

Terry Richmond is a certified childbirth educator. She uses her experience as an active labor support doula, yoga instructor, and mother to offer a well-rounded, accessible curriculum. As a doula, she has assisted couples through a very wide range of birth choices and experiences. It is her goal to teach the full spectrum of options a couple has when preparing for their birth, and then to support them unconditionally.  In the case that Terry is attending a birth, another certified childbirth educator will teach the class in her place.



Check out Terry’s conversation on our podcast:


*Please note Terry is an active Labor and Support Doula. Due to the unpredictable nature of birth, your class may be taught by a substitute teacher. These substitutes are hand picked by Terry and cover her course curriculum.

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